Outdoors sessions


Outdoors sessions are for families of all ages. They are available early morning and late afternoon, all year round (times will vary with the seasons and daylight savings). Sessions are available on some weekdays and most weekends, however please book well in advance if you require a weekend spot, especially during the peak seasons of autumn and spring.

We choose locations that suit your family (ages and interests), the season, the time of day, whether you have a dog, and any special requests.

We always aim to embrace the season and the beautiful scenery Canberra has on offer. We use our locations in an artistic way, and we are always looking for the best light.

‘At your property’ & ‘At home’ sessions

Photographing on farms and rural properties is a big passion of ours. Please note that these sessions need to be booked well in advance because we may need to block out an entire afternoon or morning, and allow extra time for travel.

We also do ‘at home’ sessions by special request.


Please get in touch with us on 0418 863 488 or fill out the contact form below.