truth & sight // one

This is a new project that I came up with during savasana at my first yoga class back in Canberra after the holidays. And no, you’re not supposed to be thinking during savasana, but sometimes when I let my mind just be, it wanders freely, as if it were picking it’s way through a field of flowers in the sunshine, and it can come up with some pretty cool stuff without any effort on my behalf.

Truth & sight will be a collection of images and words for the heart and soul. I want to nurture that part of my creativity that finds pleasure in small detail, and in the mood of a moment. And I want to give myself motivation to think with more clarity about things that I’m going through. I also want to play more with letters–a long time love that I rarely indulge in these days.

Some weeks I may just share my creation and say nothing, other weeks I may share the back story.

The back story to my first truth & sight creation came from yoga too. I practise Bikram, sometimes called the triathlon of yoga. It’s done in a 38.5 degree room, it’s intense, fast, extremely challenging, and I love it. Earlier this week, the teacher was explaining why we should try not to reach for water during class… she said that we reach for it because it’s a natural comfort and we think it will make us feel better when we’re becoming lost in the challenge of the moment. But actually all we need do is breathe. Everything we need is right there, in the breath. I have been pondering this all week. Breath is always there, and we can always turn to it. We take it for granted every day, and mostly we don’t even do it justice. We are always reaching outside of ourselves for comfort: food, warmth, physical contact, support, the wine bottle on a Friday night, haha. But sometimes all we need to do is breathe. Practising yoga reminds me how amazing breath is. Ask yourself a question, and allow yourself to breathe deeply (properly) for a few minutes: you might find the answer is there waiting for you. Breath is all you need.

Truth & Sight by Katie Kolenberg


Kirsty - WOW and WOW and with a side of WOW Katie. Thank you for the story and the reminder to simply breath. XO

sarah Black - Very inspiring and very beautiful. KatieK you are amazing.

hailey - LOVE this!

wonderful advice too… breathe… I needed to hear that right now.

Sarah - Just beautiful Katie, what power in a single word, in a single image.

Hope Copeland - Beautiful KatieK. I can’t wait for yoga this week!

Sandy - The simple things….
I love your thoughts, and looking forward to your project Katie!

Gemma Higgins - Katie, this is divine… and so so so so so true :) xx

gray - This is really beautiful and so insightful Katie. I love your take away in this one – so true!

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