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It’s that time of year again: the time when I disappear for a few weeks to spend time with my nearest and dearest, and have some time out from my business. I love what I do with all my heart, but the price I pay for that is that it is all consuming, and mostly impossible for me to ‘switch off’. I’m usually the first to say that time to yourself to rest, refresh, rejuvenate and take stock is incredibly important, so I’ll be on leave from tomorrow, Saturday July 7 until Tuesday July 24. During that time I will be monitoring email, so if you do want to make a booking or enquiry, you can still do that, however the response time may not be as speedy as usual.

Winter portrait session specials

Because I think winter sun is wildly underrated, I’m offering half price family session fees from July 26 – August 18 inclusive. This is for afternoon sessions only, so there’s no danger of frost or fog. My session fee is normally $200 for families of up to 5, however for this period, it will only be $100. The session fee covers my time and talent for your photo session, and the production of a private, online proof gallery. Images (printed or digital) are purchased separately.

Reasons why winter sessions are awesome: beanies and scarves and mittens and gumboots, rosy cheeks, cosy blankets to wrap yourselves in, extra snuggles and beautiful soft light.

Email me to make a booking if you’re not scared of a bit of cold air!!!

Winter portrait sessions by Heartstory photography

Something new-ish: mentoring for photographers

I have a lot to offer and share with fellow photographers about pricing, managing your business and growing your brand. After doing a few one-on-one mentor sessions over the past year, and a small group one-day session in Melbourne in February, I’m looking forward to the opportunity of running a few more during winter and early spring. My approach is always one of openness, not to tell others what to do, but to share my own experiences and help you find the best way to move forward confidently from where you are now in a way that suits you, your family, your lifestyle and your dreams. Which is why I call it mentoring, rather than teaching. The small group environment is fantastic because there is time to cater to each individual’s unique situation, and there is much to learn from each other as well as from me.

My very first ‘mentee’ emailed me not long ago to say:

‘I feel like everything has turned around since our mentoring session and I just can’t thank you enough!!! I feel like my photography has improved so much and that I find myself thinking back constantly to all of the gems of wisdom that you shared with me. You definitely shook me out of the little rut that I found myself in before the mentoring session and I’m so, so grateful!’

So far, I’ve had interest in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart. There will be four places available on each day. If you want to register your interest, email me Dates and other details will be confirmed once I have numbers, and I can negotiate with you for the best time/place and agenda.

What’s coming up

When I return from leave, I’ll be busy working on a couple of exciting projects that will be revealed at the start of spring. I’ll also be publishing a series of blog posts featuring all the beautiful products I offer my families and couples. And I’ll be preparing to launch my annual Christmas specials sometime in late September.

More photography award success

It’s no secret I like to enter awards. I think it’s incredibly important for creative professionals to continually challenge themselves and keep the creative spirit in a constant state of growth, and awards are a great vehicle for that. After three years of going for it like some kind of crazy award-obsessed person, this year I have collected an almost embarrassing list of accomplishments. You will know about some of these if you read my blog regularly or if you keep up to date with news on the Heartstory facebook page, but here they all are:

I am proud of myself not because of what I’ve achieved, but because it’s an affirmation to me (and those around me) that ‘putting yourself out there’ is always the right thing to do, and the more you do it, the braver you become.And it’s true, any photographer can be an award-winner, but you do actually have to be in it to win it, and I think that a lot of people stop before they’ve even started. It’s taken me many, many years of angst-ridden soul searching to find the courage to really believe in myself, and put myself out there without fear of judgement and failure. I posted on facebook a few weeks ago: Everything awesome that’s ever happened to me has come from being brave, bold and wearing my heart on my sleeve. More people should try it. 

Dear Toby, by Katie Kolenberg // Heartstory photography
Dear Toby, by Katie Kolenberg // Heartstory photographyKatie Kolenberg // Heartstory photography


So my friends, thank you for all the support so far this year, and I apologise for not replying personally to the lovely comments you’ve left me these past few months. I hope you all manage to get some time out over winter too. Stay safe, warm and remember to smile. See you soon. xxx

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